Shatrughan Sinha is on this side in Arvind Kejriwal vs Centre battle

New Delhi: BJP MP Shatrughan Sinha, who has often taken a position at variance with the party’s stand, Wednesday raised questions over the timing of the CBI raid on the office of Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s principal secretary and wondered who “advised” for the searches.

Sinha, at the same time, disapproved of Kejriwal’s language to attack Prime Minister Narendra Modi who was called a “psychopath” and “coward” following yesterday’s raid at the Delhi secretariat that kicked up a political firestorm amid charges and counter-charges.

“In politics, timing is everything. This was definitely not the right time for the raid. Hope wish &pray that this does not boomerang on us,” the actor-turned politician said in a series of tweets.

Sinha also wondered who gave the advise for the CBI raid at the office of Principal Secretary Rajendra Kumar.

“Wonder who advised for the strike, that too while Parliament was in session. After all, CM(Kejriwal) is not only very popular but masses’ favorite too,” he said.

“Good sense must prevail upon those who have brought embarrassment to our people and our leadership…that too at this juncture,” he added.

In another tweet, Sinah said, “Don’t approve of avoidable language of Delhi CM about our dashing dynamic action hero PM. But need to look within. How why & who started it?

BJP leaders yesterday condemned the lanauge used by Kejriwal yesterday to target Modi and demanded an apology from the AAP chief.