Shatrughan now targets BJP over Rajasthan bypolls defeat

New Delhi [India]: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MP Shatrughan Sinha on Saturday continued his tirade against his own party over the recent debacle in the Rajasthan bypolls and said the state has become first to give triple talaq to BJP.

The actor-turned-politician took to Twitter and said the state showed that the common man has started to speak.

“When the hurly burly of budget shall be over and the Aam Aadmi (common man) realizes that he has been promised the unachievable moon, Rajasthan shall state that Aam Aadmi has started to speak clearly,” he tweeted.

Sinha is known for criticising the BJP on various issues and has often vented his ire against it on social media.

“Breaking news with record breaking disastrous results for ruling party – Rajasthan becomes first state to give BJP Triple Talaq. Ajmer: Talaq, Alwar : Talaq, Mandalgarh: Talaq. Our opponents winning the elections with record margins, giving our party a jolt,” he tweeted.

The BJP suffered a major blow on January 1 after it lost the bypolls to both the Lok Sabha seats in Alwar and Ajmer, and the Mandalgarh assembly seat, to a resurgent Congress.

The polling in all the constituencies took place in January. (ANI)