Shastripuram mosque crisis resolved – Mahmood Ali

Hyderabad: Govt. of Telangana has resolved the conflict arising out of the letter written by the Commissioner of Cyberabad about 17 mosques in Shastripuram in Rajendra Nagar Mandal. Dy. CM of Telangana State after talking to Home Minster and DGP instructed the officials of GHMC and Police Dept. that they should not issue any provocative statement about religious places. Govt. also issued instructions to the officials to concentrate their attention on maintaining Law and Order situation. They should not target religious places in order to hurt the sentiments of the particular religious group.

Dy. CM of Telangana State, Mr. Mohammed Mahmood Ali told that not only the letter issued by Police Commissioner of Cyberabad was withdrawn but the notices issued by GHMC authorities have also been withdrawn. He further informed that whosoever if found guilty in this issue would have to face departmental disciplinary action. He expressed satisfaction that the higher officials admitted the mistake and resolved the issue immediately. He told that it is quite but natural that there was restlessness among the Muslims. Various sections of the Muslims made representations to Govt. in this regard. The matter was brought to the notice of Mr. KCR also, who in turn issued clear instructions that any attempt to hurt religious sentiments will not be tolerated at any level. He informed that if need be, CM would seek explanation from Commissioner of Police at Cyberabad and Commissioner of GHMC. The Muslims therefore should not have any more confusion. This matter is being viewed in a political context but the people of this city will not fall prey to these conspiracies. Dy. CM also told that Govt. of Telangana gives top priority to maintenance of Law and Order in the State. It is the prime responsibility of the Govt. to protect places of worship. Dy. CM pointed out that certain elements made an attempt to give an impression that he had kept quiet on this issue which is not true.

–Siasat News