Sharp decline in rail accidents seen in 2017-18

New Delhi : The last financial year- 2017-18 saw a steep decline in the number of rail accidents, chiefly due to the extensive rail track upgradation taken up by the Railway Ministry.

The number of accidents dipped to a record 73, a double-digit-figure for the first time in recent past. The number of accidents in 2013-14 was 118, according to the data provided by the ministry.

The process of rail track upgradation also kicked up in 2017-18, wherein 4405 km of tracks were upgraded, 50 percent more than in 2013-14, when 2926 km of track upgradation was done.

Track upgradation includes replacement and strengthening of old and weak tracks that are the prime reason for rail accidents.

Since upgradation work requires halting railway movement in respective areas, delays in train schedule can be attributed to the same. (ANI)