Sharia Court conspiracy to benefit BJP: Shahi Imam

New Delhi: Amidst the pro and against debate on Darul Qaza among media circles, Shahi Imam Syed Ahmed Bukhari said that Muslim Personal Law’s announcement of Darul Qaza will politically damage Muslim community. Shahi Imam who is on a 15-day foreign visit told that Darul Qaza is not new for India but the basic question is how many Muslims are benefiting from them? How many marital or family disputes are solved here? Muslims themselves move to court instead of solving their problems in Darul Qaza. We should first create awareness among people regarding this.

Shahi Imam said the word ‘Court’ should not be used as people take it in the meaning of ‘court’ per se. If we say sharia court it would be misunderstood that Muslim community is setting up court against Indian court. While it is not like that. Today if anyone is opposing the sharia court it is due to polarisation politics. Muslim personal Law should also not have raised the issue now, instead should have waited for an appropriate time. Shahi Imam warned that this announcement will damage the community interest.

He claimed that there are a couple of persons in the Board who are playing in the hands of BJP and using AIMPLB for BJP. He warned the Board against snakes up in the sleeves.