Shareholders in protest fed live donkey to tigers in China zoo

China: Irate shareholders at a zoo in China have fed a live donkey to Tigers in a protest against the management.
The incident took place on Monday afternoon at Yancheng city in Jiangsu province. The donkey’s ordeal was filmed by the visitors and the footage has gone viral in China.


In the video, the donkey is seen being pushed out of a truck into a moat in the tigers’ enclosure. It is quickly set upon by two tigers. The donkey struggles for about 30 minutes before dying.


The zoo said that the donkey was tossed into the enclosure “in a fit of rage”. They said the shareholder were involved in a dispute with the zoo and was behind the incident.


The zoo’s management said in a statement that the group of shareholders who invested in the zoo two years ago received no financial returns since then after the zoo became embroiled in a lawsuit. All of its assets were frozen by the local court, meaning they could not be sold to pay investors.


The shareholders believed that the court and the zoo were “conspiring to cheat small investors of their investments”.


The management also said that it had “launched emergency procedures” to control the situation and had a meeting with shareholders, urging them to reach a consensus to prevent any further aggressive behaviour.