ShareChat announces #MAA4ME campaign on Mother’s day

Hyderabad: ShareChat, the Indian social media platform, announces a 5-day #MAA4ME campaign to commemorate motherhood and recognize all the selfless efforts made by the mothers. This campaign has been designed to celebrate Mother’s Day, scheduled for 10th May, across 15 languages on the platform. ShareChat users are expected to participate in this touching campaign which is close to their hearts, showering love for their mother in their mother language.

“Irrespective of lockdown 3.0 implemented across the country,  every mother is selflessly working for their families including the working mothers who are tirelessly managing work-life balance, we feel it’s also important to recognize the efforts made by the Mother Warriors. With all solidarity and affection, we salute all the mother warriors in the country for their utmost dedication and love,” says Farid Ahsan, Chief Operating Officer (COO), ShareChat 

As part of the 5-day celebration, ShareChat will be driving exciting campaigns every day with a different theme, starting May 9th:

Day 1:Special Web cards to relate mothers’ qualities with their kids – Users can use web cards to match the qualities of both

Day 2:#NolockdownforMAA- Users to post videos, pictures of how their mothers are tirelessly working for home and families during this lockdown

Day 3: #MAAkafavorite – Users to share their mothers most used phrases 

Day 4: #Noworkday4MAA–  Users will be urged to support mothers in all household chores and give them rest for the day. Users to post their interesting photos and videos doing their mom’s work and encouraging them to take a break

Day 5: #10yearchallengewithMAA– Users to post your photos with your Mom from past and today

ShareChat recognizes all mother users who are using the ShareChat platform in their native languages and celebrates their contribution towards building a better tomorrow.