‘Shame on you! you say Taj Mahal was built by traitors, yet eat up its income’: exasperated Arvind Saharan blasts BJP’s hate mongers

Arvind Saharan blasts BJP leader Sangeet Som on his remark in which he said Taj Mahal is a blot on Indian culture and was made by ‘traitors’. He also lambasts UP CM Yogi Adityanath who said Taj Mahal is not the part of Indian heritage but is a symbol of slavery.

Exasperated Arvind Saharan asks the hate mongers ‘don’t you want to see people live in peace? What to do want to prove by issuing such statements?’ He says ‘not only Taj Mahal but there are several other monuments build by Mughals? Why don’t you stop eating up their income? Shame on you! If you are telling bad about something then stop eating up its income.

Arvind asks BJP leaders if the ‘symbols of slavery’ rankle you so much, then why don’t you vacate Rashtrapati Bhawan which was once Viceroy House and also the parliament which was also built by Britishers who ruled the country for years.

Arvind Saharan reminds the BJP leaders that there is nothing in this country which was built them. Even big universities and hospitals were also built by the outsiders who settled in the country.

Arvind slams BJP leaders saying ‘you have done nothing for this country except creating hatred among people.’ He asks them why they are targeting only Mughals, who came to India and made it their homeland. They didn’t come to India to plunder as the Britishers did. While living in the country, they developed the country as well. He asks BJP leader why they don’t target Britishers who plundered India.

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