UP: “Shame, Shame, Shame Modi” for betraying us bursts out villagers

Kairana: With Lok Sabha elections just around the corner, a swift public review in this Kairana Village of UP reveals the true side of NDA government, its strategy to divide and rule the common man, garner votes using the Hindu- Muslim card.

PM Modi is the biggest liar of all times bursts out Kairana people frustrated at saffron party’s dirty sick politics which has done more harm than any good to Indian in the past five years.

Critically important issues such as unemployment, farmers crisis, have been deliberately ignored in the past five years during the NDA government, moreover, Modi has only doubled the unemployment rate in India to over 5 crores against 2 crores in 2014.

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“Shame, Shame, Shame Modi” spurts out another villager.

Soldiers on borders, freedom fighters who have fought for Independence, common Indians are the true patriotic reminds villagers.

peaking of Modi’s native state Gujarat, none of the state’s soldier were sacrificed unlike other states said furious fathers who have lost their only child to the nation.

Question him and you will be labelled a traitor by BJP activists, workers, Hindutva outfits in India, this is how BJP misuses power.

Saffron party labels people as traitors to dissent their voice while Modi takes the credit of all the hard work of our soldiers, farmers.