Shahzadi to fight Shahzada in the Old City ?

BJP which is panic gear in Telangana and wants to install TRS government at any cost, as Congress winning in Telangana will send a wrong signal for 2019 Lok Sabha elections and the idea of Federal front led by KCR is basically a Plan B of BJP and RSS to stop a Rahul Gandhi led Congress government in 2019.

TRS has released a list of 105 candidates leaving 14 seats for their allies for match-fixing these seats are already in the kitty of TRS allies ie BJP 4 seats and MIM 3 seats.

Now a new twist is being added to elections in the old city, Syed Shahzadi of Adilabad she is a political science postgraduate and ABVP activist and office bearer to take on Akbaruddin Owasi from Chandrangutta seat.

Shahzadi is very outspoken and critical of government policies and a face of BJP from Muslim community. She wears Saffron Dupatta and very proud of her BJP leaning.MIM is facing rough weather in the old city and putting up Shahzadi from Chandrangutta will lessen pressure on MIM from the Muslim community.

Shahzadi is a very vocal critic when the government expelled firebrand Hindu communal leader Swamy Paripoonda Nanda from the city for his hate speeches and welcomed court orders.

Shazadi condemned Akbar Owasi when he abused Hindu Gods and Goddesses in 2008

MIM is facing a tough fight from MAHAKUTUMI in at least 4 seats and is facing a public outcry from Muslim community especially the educated Muslims feels that MIM is very soft toward TRS and BJP and trying its best to polarize Muslim votes in Telangana to defeat Congress.

Many Muslims especially the poorer section from the community have sympathy towards TRS but a tussle is going on between Congress on one hand and TRS and allies MIM for Muslim votes.

Shahzadi had joined BJP in the presence of the party president K Laxman and former floor leader Kishan Reddy. She is also a known representative in TV Discussions held by National and Local TV Channels.