Shahnaz Hussain Group launches water-free dry ayurvedic shampoo

New Delhi: Providing an option for water-free shampoo, Indian organic beauty care company Shahnaz Husain Group has launched a starch-based cleaning product.

The dry shampoo cleans without the use of water by absorbing dirt and grease when massaged through dry hair.

Shahnaz Husain, CMD of the herbal product company, on Saturday said Ayurvedic Dry Shampoo containing plants ingredients in the form of aerosol sprays has been launched in domestic and international markets offering consumers instant hair makeovers without the use of water.

The dry shampoo contains rosemary essential oil and tea tree oil.

Rosemary essential is said to help in getting rid of toxins. It is also said to stimulate hair growth and prevents hair problems like dandruff.

Tea tree essential oil has antiseptic and anti-fungal properties and keeps the hair and scalp healthy. It also contains natural cleansers, which absorb oil and impurities. It has cleansing properties similar to shampoos but is slightly milder.

Designed for professionals in metropolitan cities having busy lifestyle, the Dry Shampoo revitalizes hair, removing excess oil and grease instantly and is the fastest and easiest way to great looking hair with minimal effort.

“It refreshes with a light fragrance and takes out odour instantly, extending hair colour life,” said Husain.