Shahnaz Husain vents out bridal makeup tips

New Delhi, Dec. 18: Wedding day makeup has always been a problem for modern day brides as they always get popped between what kind of makeup they should choose on their big day.

As a solution to this problem, make-up expert Shahnaz Husain gives out tips to the modern day bride so that they can woo their grooms and relatives on their big day.

Looking beautiful on the wedding day is not merely a matter of make-up and dress. It needs weeks of care. If a skin care programme is followed a few weeks before the wedding, it can really help. However, the skin type and the season should also be taken into consideration.

For your daily facial care routine, cleanse your skin twice a day. Night time cleansing is more important, in order to remove pollutants and make up before bedtime. So, cleanse the skin daily at night and rinse well with plenty of plain water. Use lukewarm water.

Aloe vera gel or honey may be applied on all skin types, to moisturise and soften the skin. Apply on the face and wash off with plain water after 20 minutes.

For all skin types, tone the skin daily with chilled rose water, using cotton wool pads. Wipe and stroke the skin with them. Then, pat briskly with the rosewater-soaked cotton wool pads. This adds a glow to the skin.

The daily nourishing of normal to dry skin can be done at night, with a nourishing cream. After cleansing, apply the cream and massage on the face with a few drops of water, with outward and slightly upward movements, for 2 minutes. Wipe off with moist cotton wool.

The skin around the eyes is thin and delicate. It acquires lines and wrinkles easily. Apply an under-eye cream wipe it off after 15 minutes, with moist cotton wool. Or, daily apply pure almond oil sparingly and massage lightly, using only the ring finger, for one minute under each eye. Massage in one direction only.

The skin on the lips is also thin and lacks oil producing glands. It becomes dry and chaps easily. After cleansing, apply almond oil or almond cream on the lips daily and leave it on all night. Sun-protective lip balms are also useful.

All brides go through some kind of stress, which can reflect on the face. To deal with this kind of mental stress, it is essential to learn to relax. It has been proved that physical exercise actually helps the body to cope with stress. A few weeks before the wedding, start taking a little exercise, like going for a walk. In fact, walking is good for both body and mind. Deep breathing exercises and meditation are also helpful, in terms of calming the mind and inducing relaxation.

So this bridal season take some beauty tips from makeup pro and be the star of your wedding. (ANI)