Shah Rukh Khan turns rapper, urges fans to vote – Here’s what PM Modi tweets

New Delhi: Bollywood actor, Mr. Shah Rukh Khan released a rap urging his fans to cast their votes in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections.

In March, Prime Minister, Mr. Narendra Modi had appealed to several Bollywood celebrities to increase awareness among voters. He urged them to creatively inspire more people to come out and vote during the elections.

Taking Mr. Modi’s advice of creatively inspiring his fans to vote, Mr. Khan turned rapper for the first time.

“PM sahib ne creativity ki liye bola tha. Main thoda late ho gaya video banane mein…aap mat hona Vote karne mein!!! (PM sir had spoken about creativity. I got late in making this video but please don’t be late in casting your vote) ‘Voting is not only our Right, it is our Power.’ Please Use It”, SRK wrote on Twitter.

Responding to Mr. Khan’s tweet, Mr. Modi wrote, “Fantastic effort, @iamsrk! I am sure the people of India, especially first time voters will pay heed to your appeal and come out to vote in large numbers”.