Shabbir wants Ivanka Trump to frequent City to make it beautiful

Mohammed Ali Sabbir, Leader of Opposition in Telangana legislative Council, has charged that the Telangana Govt has woken up and unleashed sporadic city cleaning and beautification measures for sake of  visiting US dignitary Ivanka Trump.

In a statement today, Shabbir said in a lighter vein that the TRS government had remained unmoved to travails of the citizens of Hyderabad who went through hell during the rainy season with pot holes, drain water on  main roads, traffic jams and tree falls .’ But  just for 36 hours of US President’s daughter Ivanka Trump’s visit during the three-day Global summit at Hyderabad, the State government was spending huge amounts  to blacktop the roads and beautify the areas and remove ugly edifices so that they would not catch  Ivanka’s glance from her car.

Wishing that Ivanka Trump came visiting Hyderabad often — once in two to three months, the LOP said that ‘ if she came often, at least roads in Hyderabad would get black topping, foot paths will be clean and free of vendors and encroachments ,social medians will be beautified with paintings, greenery, colorful garbage stacks and spittoon etc .

The LOP said as the GHMC elections over, KCR is least bothered about complaints ofHyderabad citizens. After the citizens trusted him and gave TRS landslide victory in the municipal polls KCR and KTR has totally forgotten all the swanky promises and assurances he gave during the 2014 general elections and also the GHMC polls of 2016.

Shabbir said the Telangana govt is not sincere in undertaking permanent beautification. It has taken up temporary steps to showcase the Hitec area. The 2km stretch from the Hitex entrance to HICC and Novotel, where the summit would be held, has been lined with palms, bougainvilleas, flowerbeds and clay figurines of elephants and deer. He said CM KCR developed a peculiar attitude that he reacts seriously if any foreigner gives opinions, the clear example was he himself reveled in many occasions that foreigner are laughing by seeing the Secretariat and therefore he wanted to demolish Secretariat and build a new one, similarly he started functioning from Pragati Bhavan at his camp office which was constructed by acquiring nearby land.

Lop also said KCR not having any value of Telangana People as he was not concentrating any issue raised by them. If Ivanka comes frequently the condition of Hyderabadwill improve and  that she should visit new areas so that they get a face lift with beautification. (NSS)