Shabbir says police behaved like TRS sycophants

Leader of the Opposition in the Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir today alleged that the police behaved like sycophants of the TRS party.

Speaking to the media at Assembly media hall on Thursday along with DK Aruna and Vamshichand Reddy, Shabbir Ali asked Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao whether public representatives have no right to enter into the Secretariat. He said a second year student committed suicide as she was not in a position to pay college fee. The girl committed suicide just because of non-release of funds under fees reimbursement scheme.

Shabbir Ali demanded that the Chief Minister own moral responsibility for the girl’s suicide death.  Demanding that the State government release Rs 3,000 crore arrears immediately, Shabbir Ali alleged that India Bull Company launched works of Bhadradri power project with old technology. He reminded that the Congress had told in the past that the project could not be completed and the Central government committee too rejected the proposal of India Bull company showing the reason that the project will not be completed with sub-critical technology.

He demanded the government to order comprehensive inquiry into the scam of paying Rs.1000crore to the company for digging only pits.

DK Aruna alleged that the government killed the intermediate student by not giving fees reimbursement funds and demanded the government to extend financial assistance to the bereaved family.


Vamshichand demanded the government to own the responsibility of the suicide of the intermediate student Gaddam Navitha in Kamareddy town. He alleged that the first culprit was KCR in this episode and said that 2600 suicides were registered in the new Telangana state. He said that the Chief Minister failed to stick to his word given in the Assembly on fees reimbursement and loan waiver. (NSS)