Shabbir inaugurates TVV Deeksha camp

The Telangana Vidyardhi Vedika, has organised “DEEKSHA” with hundreds of Post Graduation Students, with regard to release of Fee Reimbursement and Mess Charges, in the premises of Arts College, Osmania University Campus, Hyderabad,


Mohd. Ali Shabbir, MLC, Leader of Opposition, Telangana Legislative Council, was invited as Chief Guest for the “DEEKSHA”. Mohd. Ali Shabbir, inaugurated the Deeksha and while addressing the gathering of the students stated that, the entire Education system in the state has spoiled. Even after completion of two years of formation of the Government, it could not able to appoint the Vice Chancellor to the University. Apart from this he stated that earlier there were around 1,90,000 Engineering Seats, which came down drastically to only 54,000 seats, and nearly 120 EngineeringColleges have been closed down. Shabbir Ali, stated that the students were most optimistic and were under the impression that if Telangana State is formed their future will be most bright, New and latest Technology may come up in the education system.

But un-fortunately the students were left with disappointment. They thought that the Government under Bangaru Telangana, may provide with Lap Top’s and pen in their hands but unfortunately they got pla cards in their hads and are on road fighting for their rights.


Further, addressing the gathering,  Shabbir Ali, stated that the students who have completed their graduation, even after two years, they are not getting the Certificates, as the Fee Reimbursement amount has not been released by the government to the respecitive colleges. There by the students are facing lot of problems and are not able to go for higher studies nor able to go abroad for studies or for job purpose. In the recent past one of the dalith students parent met him at Kama Reddy District, and expressed with great pain that his son was asked not to attend the college till the college fee is not paid, first you pay the fee and claim the amount after the dues of fee reimbursement is cleared by the

 government from Post Graduation II year. He also stated that Universities are most neglected by the Telangana Government. The  Chief Minister insted of concentrating on providing New Technology in the Education System, Buildings, modern Infrastructure etc., he is interested in construction of new Secretariat Building, Chief Minister’s New Campus ignoring the students welfare and organising the grand functions of the 100 years of Osmania University which is not required by the students. The Students.

            Finally Sri Mohd. Ali Shabbir, has demanded the  Chief Minister to releasing of the Fee Reimbursement dues and Mess Charges immediately and also demanded that the Mess Charges has to be increased to Rs. 2000/- per student immediately.