Shabbir demands Modi & Amit Shah to apologize for insulting Opposition

Leader of Opposition in the Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir today slammed the BJP national leaders Prime Minister Narendra Modi and national party president Amit Shah for resorting to “cheap political gimmicks of caste and sentiments” since they lost credibility with an earlier campaign of Ram Mandir.

In a pressnote here today, Shabbir Ali said Prime Minister Narendra Modi was crying hoarse and shedding crocodile tears for being hounded by upper caste political parties as he was a person from a poor and low-caste group. He said the Modi’s talk about caste has degraded the prestige and reputation of the office of the Prime Minister. The PM was using caste card as a last resort after nobody was buying the Ram Raj card of the saffron brigade now and should apologize to the nation”, he added.

The Congress leader said the BJP design to stage dharnas with NDA MPs and a call for a protest had further exposed the ulterior designs of the BJP to gain political advantage as many of the NDA front partners were wary of BJP’s mindset against small parties in parliament. He said the BJP was working against the interests of the Minorities, particularly the Muslims as evinced in the returning of the recent Telangana Minorities quota bill of 2017 and also ST Quota Bill 2017.

Shabbir also slammed BJP president Amit Shah for labeling the Opposition parties as snakes, mongooses, cats, dogs aimed at belittle the Opposition parties. “The BJP was scared and shaken off the Opposition parties, including the NDA partners, who were joining the Opposition ranks after the realization of the deceit and hollowness of BJPs promises as in the case of AP”, he said, adding that the BJP and NDA were hushing up the corruption in their ranks and particularly the criminal acts of the BJP president Amit Shah and his son. (NSS)