Shabbir challenges KCR, KTR on minority issues

Hyderabad: Former Congress minister, Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir challenged CM of TS Mr. KCR and his son, Mr. KTR to have open discussions on the implementation of welfare schemes for minorities.

He told that TRS Govt. is changing the schemes started by Congress Govt. and taking credit for their implementation.

He threw this challenge to Mr. KCR and Mr. KTR and Said that he is ready to come to Pragati Bhawan.

He also told that if Mr. KCR is afraid of facing him, he may send welfare minister Mr. K.Eawar.

He informed that the credit for starting the Dept. of Minorities Welfare goes to Congress Govt.

He recalled that Congress Govt. led by Mr. Vijayabhaskar Reddy had setup Dept. of Minorities welfare in 1993 and Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir was the first minister of Minorities Welfare Dept.

In 1993-94, its budget was Rs. 3 crore which was enhanced to Re one thousand crores in 2013-14. TDP Govt. had allocated Rs. 33 crore during 1994-2004 whereas Congress enhanced it to Rs.1,000 crore till 2014.

He pointed out that Govt. of India established the Ministry of Minority Affairs in 2006.

He told that Mr. KCR is comparing the amounts spent during the Congress regime with TRS which is shameful.

He also mentioned that Congress Govt. had provided 4% reservation to Minorities.

He condemned TRS Govt. by saying that Mr. KCR had promised to give 12% reservation to the Muslims but after winning elections, he forgot it.

He also said that Congress started 6 new medical colleges whereas TRS permitted only one.

Establishment of residential schools, giving financial aid to poor girls for marriages are the schemes initiated by Congress Govt. TRS changed the names of these schemes to take credit.

People of the State are suffering from Dengue fever and other ailments but TRS Govt has no interest in health schemes.

He ridiculed that when a dog died at Pragati Bhavan, a case was registered against the veterinary doctor whereas many deaths have occurred on account of Dengue fever but CM did not convene any review meeting. Against whom should a case be registered for Dengue deaths, he asked. He mentioned that the budget for the Health Department has been reduced from 1800 crore to Rs. 1300 crore.

Mr. Shabbir demanded Mr. KCR to declare a health emergency in the State.