Shabbir announces to become party to Muslim Personal Law case in SC

Hyderabad: Leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council, Mr. Mohammed Ali Shabbir described the efforts to implement Uniform Civil Code as the agenda of Sangh Parivar and announced to become party to the case pending with Supreme Court after consultation with Muslim Personal Law Board.

He said, he is ready to engage the services of any imminent lawyer to counter the arguments that will be put forth by Central Government and Law Commission against Muslim Personal Law and in favour of Uniform Civil Code. He claimed that to divert people’s attention from its failures, Narendra Modi government is doing politics on Uniform Civil Code issue.

Welcoming the boycott of Questionnaire issued by Law Commission by Muslim Personal Law Board, Mohammed Ali Shabbir said government is trying to use Law Commission as its tool. Seeking public opinion is just eyewash. Report can be presented in favour of Uniform Civil Code through Law Commission. M A Shabbir said that implementation of Uniform Civil Code is impossible in the country, as there are separate personal laws for the people following different religions. Any bid to change the Shariah will endanger unity and integrity of the country, he cautioned.

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