Shabbir Ali slams the plan of Islamic Centre said “we need jobs & not Islamic Centre”

CHARMINAR: As the Minority Welfare has been the subject of debate since independence and no perfect prescription was prepared either by the Centre or the State Governments to address the issue.

Mohammed Ali Shabbir the Congress legislator on Sunday said on pointing the government’s decision to build an  Islamic Centre in Hi-Tec City that Creating opportunities for education and employment are crucial.

He said as many as 18 of the 40 engineering colleges has been shut down. “Closing colleges translates to a loss of hundreds of seats for Muslim students.”

Mr. Shabbir said instead of setting up an Islamic Cultural Centre it is better to revive and strengthen  Urdu computer centers which have been shut due to non-payment of rent, electricity bills, etc.

He also criticized the TRS government for having a poor record of utilizing funds earmarked for the welfare of minorities in the state.

He said.”A survey of Muslims working in companies in the Hitec City should be taken up.”

Chief Minister K. Chandrasekhar Rao promised on Wednesday to hand over all vacant Wakf lands to the Wakf Board that were allotted to various MNCs by governments in undivided AP. He has also announced of setting up an Islamic Cultural Centre at an estimated cost of ’40 crore on a six-acre waqf land parcel in Hi-Tec City.