Shabbir Ali forgives youth who attacked him

Leader of Opposition in Telangana Legislative Council Mohammed Ali Shabbir has advised TRS Government to seriously implement all the promises that it made with the people during GHMC elections.

Speaking to media persons in Assembly premises on Monday, Shabbir Ali congratulated the TRS for its historic victory and said in a democracy everyone has to accept and respect the people’s verdict. He said people have given their verdict in favour of TRS apparently with the hope that it would fulfil all the promises. Referring to Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao’s advise that opposition parties should play a constructive role, Shabbir Ali said that the Congress party has been trying to advise the TRS Government on various key issues like drought and farmers suicides. However, he said that the TRS Government appeared in no mood to listen to those advises. He said that the Congress leaders would continue the policy of constructive criticism to protect the interest of common people.

Shabbir Ali said that the promise of 2BHK houses attracted the voters during GHMC elections. Therefore, he said that the State Government should ensure construction of 1 lakh units of 2BHK houses in the city during the next one year, as promised by the Chief Minister. He said although the Congress party would wait and see the progress on this promise, it doubts on its fulfilment. State Government had spent only Rs. 427 crore out of Rs. 1041 crore allocated for housing in budget 2015-16. At an average unit cost of Rs. 7.20 lakh, State Government would need Rs. 7,200 crore to construct one lakh houses in the city. Further, another Rs. 5,300 crore would be needed for the construction 1 lakh houses in rural areas. He doubted whether the government would allocate and release Rs. 12,500 crore on 2BHK houses in next budget. He said that the government should also implement other promises like drinking water, uninterrupted power supply, etc.,

When asked for reaction on Congress party’s dismal performance in GHMC elections, he said there was not enough time for the opposition parties to select proper candidates and run campaign. List of reserved seats and election notification were issued on the same day while neglecting the practice of giving at least one week gap. The TRS, which was aware of seats in reserved category, launched its campaign about three months ago and spent crores of rupees on hoardings and other publicity. However, the Congress party was reviewing the reasons that led to defeat and required steps would be taken to rectify the lapses after Narayankhed by-elections.

Reacting on allegations of EVM tampering, he said that the Election Commission and State Government should clarify the doubts with regard to reports of tampering by involving experts, contested candidates and other stake holders.

Shabbir Ali announced that he had personally forgiven the youth who attacked him on the Election Day at Mir Chowk Police Station. “I always wanted Muslim youth to get higher education and grow up in their careers since I became minister for the first time in 1989. I was instrumental in getting 4% reservation for Muslims and the policy so far benefitted more than 10 lakh poor Muslim youth. I don’t want to spoil the career of an innocent youth by sending him to jail or by making him a criminal. Islam does not preach revenge. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) had always forgiven his enemies and others who hurt him. As a true Muslim, I follow the teachings of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) and therefore, forgive the youth who attacked me. I don’t want youth to get indulged in crime. It is MIM which provokes youth to violence,” he said. (INN)