Shaadi Mubarak Scheme: brokers raking in money

Telangana government introduced Shaadi Mubarak Scheme to extend financial assistance of Rs. 51000 to poor girls belonging to the minority community but sadly reports of irregularities have been received in implementation of the scheme. Role of middlemen has been witnessed while implementing the scheme in Hyderabad and districts which seems to kill the very purpose of introducing the scheme. High officials of Minority Welfare Department are only eying on reaching the target, taking advantage of the situation the subordinates and brokers are raking in the money. There is no such missionary in the Minority Welfare department to monitor transparency in implementation of scheme.

Some officials associated with the scheme on the condition of anonymity said, there are some brokers active in Hajj House who demand Rs. 10000 to guarantee financial assistance of Rs. 51000. Siasat correspondent carried out a sting operation at the office of District Minority Welfare Officer Hyderabad. Posing as a layman he requested a broker to cooperate him, in availing Shaadi Mubarak scheme. The broker openly told that he could guarantee a deposit of Rs. 51000 in the account on the payment of Rs. 10000. He stated that only the photo identity card and photos of boy and girl was needed while he himself would arrange the fake invitation card. He assured that the whole process would be completed within 15 days and amount would be deposited in the bank account. Aspirants present there, complained that the applications of deserving families were ignored while processing by the broker was being preferred.

It has been observed that the decision to release the amount before the marriage is the main drawback of the scheme as it only requires photo and identity card of boy and girl. Fake invitation card can be easily printed at any printing press.

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