Sexual harassment accused let gone after token compensation in Mathura

Mathura: An accused in a sexual harassment case was allegedly let go off after a penalty of Rs 5100 in Mathura.
Not only was the accused penalised but was also thrashed by slippers by the victim.

The incident took place in a village in Mathura on Friday night when the woman who was sleeping outside was sexually harassed by a man who was under the influence of intoxication.
The woman said, “I was sleeping when he came and caught hold of my wrist, and started pulling me towards him.”

When the woman informed other villagers about the incident, a Panchayat meeting was called, in which the accused was allowed to walk scot-free after the Panchayat imposed on him a fine of Rs 5100 and a thrashing by slippers.

Her son said, “Villagers decided he will be thrashed and a fine of Rs 5100 will be imposed on him’.
Police said that action will be taken when a complaint is received.

Superintendent of Police, Aditya Shukla, said, “We haven’t received any complaint in the matter so far. As soon as we received any complaint, we will investigate the case,”