Sex video: Panchayat orders Muslim man, woman to leave

A panchayat in Agra district in Uttar Pradesh ordered a Muslim man and a woman to leave after a home-made sex video purportedly featuring the couple went viral on Youtube and other networking sites.

Following the panchayat’s diktat,the man, from a well-to-do family, has already left his home while the girl’s family had sought a few days time to relocate.

The girl and the boy, both in their 20’s were humiliated by the panchayat.

The panchayat held at Naai Ki Mandi in Agra also insulted their families since the couple had given the community a “bad name”. and their (couple) continuance in the locality will have a bad effect on youngsters and hence they have been banished.

The ‘maulana’ of the Ansari community announced that the girl has “crossed all limits of propriety” and the boy has “sinned”. The couple must be “ostracised” for their actions, he said.

A police investigation later revealed that the video was not uploaded on YouTube by the couple but by a third person, who was boyfriend of girl’s elder sister.

He recorded their sex video and uploaded it on the social media, to take revenge for a complaint of molestation lodged against him by the woman last year, the report said.

Kotwali circle officer police officer Manish Singh said police had a copy of the CD, and had asked the couple to come to the police station with their families to record their statements.

There was no offence if the couple had uploaded the video with mutual consent, said another police officer. There would only be an offence under the Information Technology Act if someone files a complaint. The panchayat could not forced people to leave their homes over this issue, the officer said.