Sex Swamy barking one year late

New Delhi, July 07: Famous by sex scandal, spiritual guru Nithyananda Swamy and his Dhyana Peetham filed a police complaint accusing Kalanidhi Maran of Sun Network and its top executive for telecasting the visuals in the name of Ranjitha and nithyananda.

Complaint mentioned to take action against Sun Network who should hold responsibility for making their channel staff members trespass into ashrams at various places and alleged assaulting of ashram members.

Charges include defamation because ashram described entire video as a conspiracy to malign its reputation and images used are morphed. Of course the case registered on nithyananda on rape and criminal background is still pending in Ramanagara court near Bangalore.

Well, one does not know why nithyananda made his Ashram to file a case now nearly one year after the telecast of sex escapade.