All set for the party month? Groom your beard

New Delhi: After “No Shave November” its time to sport a classy beard to gear up for the party season. Get that suave and urbane look by using some defined grooming tips that work wonders in the cold month, says an expert.

Being thick and oily, men’s skin is difficult to clean and suffers the daily trauma of facial shaving and then has to deal with harsh winter which dries and bruises it. Follow these tips by Rohit Chawla, Co-Founder and CEO of The Man Company and enjoy a groomed and party ready look.

* Don’t overdo the wash: You must wash your face with a gentle cleanser and shower daily with a good body wash. Avoid using harsh face scrubs or soaps, since it will dry up your skin much more in dry weather, making it appear wrinkled. Also, avoid long, leisurely baths as hot water depletes skin of its natural moisture.

* Get a winter moisturiser: Your 365-days all-purpose moisturizer is not a good idea when the mercury dips as light and oil-free stuff is for summers. In winters, you need an additional dose of moisture and winter moisturizers come loaded with special oils that keep your skin smooth in freezing weather.

* Dab the sunscreen: Winter sun is as bad as summer UV and you would be neglecting sunscreen at your own risk. This is one routine bros shouldn’t give up, whatever time of the year. Dab on sunblock and keep your skin protected at all times.

* Chapped lips: An ungainly (and frequent sight) in winters, it wouldn’t do much to your love life either. Stock up on lip balms, one each for home, work and your pocket. A vitamin E lip balm with SPF would be perfect, but plain petroleum jelly would do too.

* Groom that beard: Daily shavers might be turned off by the scruffiness of their first week to forget it all and shave because of how scruffy you feel. But all you need to do is wash your beard when you wash your face. Not with the same old soap as that will make your face and beard feel drier. You also need to moisturize your beard from the dry winter air. Beginners should try out the incredibly affordable Lavender and Cedar Beard Oil.