Services of NSS Appreciated— Managing Editor Konda Lakshma Reddy Honoured

News and Services Syndicate (NSS) Alumni and well-wishers of Konda Lakshma Reddy, founder and Managing Editor of NSS, today honored him for his selfless services in journalism.
Many Senior Journalists highly appreciated Lakshma Reddy for not only imparting training to budding journalists, but also providing jobs to a large number of youth who wanted to become journalists, during the 35 years of existence of NSS, a local news agency which caters to the needs of small and medium news papers.

Over two dozen alumni and well-wishers had a get-together here today, where they shared their experiences with NSS and appreciated its yeomen services in the field of journalism.

On the occasion, IJU secretary general D Amar, Mana Telangana Editor K Srinvias Reddy, Senior Journalists M P Rabindranath, P.A Rama Rao, Nagesh Kumar, Valleeshwar shared their experiences and appreciated the efforts of K Lakshma Reddy in running the NSS.

They said NSS has become established not only as a training centre for budding journalists, it also provided employment to senior journalists who have retired or left their jobs, but wanted to continue in the profession. They appreciated that though Lakshma Reddy belonged to a political party, he never interfered in reporting and gave full freedom the Journalists and he always encouraged the youth who wanted to serve the society working as a journalist.

Rajaram Sankla one of the alumni of NSS was so enthusiastic that he along with MP Rabindranath, a well-know face in journalism in Hyderabad, arranged the get together.

Lakshma Reddy was honored with a memento by Rajaram Sankla which said: “NSS Alumni Honour NSS Founder & Our Mentor Shri Konda Lakshma Reddy for giving us a break and helping us become what we are today”.

Those who attended the get-together included BS Ramakrishna, GV Satyavathi, N Radhakrishna, Raghuram Kapila, Ratna Chotrani, VJM Diwakar, C Nanda Kumar, MS Shankar, Bachanjeet Singh, P Narsing Rao, R Balakrishna, Pillalamarri Srinivas, P Raghu and Shyam Sundar and Photographer Ramesh. (NSS)