Service apartments shelter drug-fuelled parties in Hyderabad

Hyderabad: Service apartments have become a new safe shelter for the drug addicts. “Work hard, play harder, right? The trip for the weekend is planned. Click on the location map to find our spot. Be there by 7 pm,” this message was shared in a secret WhatsApp group.

The message shared on May 26 was only meant for the group of techies. The location map attached in the message would lead to a service apartment, where a drug-fuelled party would take place on the weekend, reports DC.

The drug fuelled party would go on throughout the night, where men and women smoked weed, snorted cocaine and LSD, without being in fear of law enforcement bodies. Service apartments are the houses which can be rented out for a short time period.

Taking drugs in pubs and farmhouses have become risky as the police keep a watch on these places, so these techies of IT sector find service apartment a safe haven for drug parties. They have to even pay less for renting out the place.
Although cops had earlier busted one or two prostitution rackets, there has been no constant vigil over serviced apartments in the city. The rental policy of service apartment owners has been a major concern for the police.

“The owner usually gives it away for two days and the return (rent) is so high that it is more profitable than renting it out on a permanent basis. The owners usually do not bother what happens inside, as long as the money is paid on time and there is no damage to their property,” said a senior official from Cyberabad.

Students and techies generally cite birthday parties or office parties as reasons for renting these places out. But besides the drug-fuelled parties, the apartments are often used for prostitution as well.