Servants nabbed in 24 hours, Rs 13.5 lakh seized

The  sleuths  of  Ramgopalpet police station have arrested two thieves identified as Rinku Chatterjee and Sitamber Rai alias Raju within 24  hours  and  seized  cash of  Rs 13,50,000 from their possession.


Rinku, a native  of  West  Bengal  and his accomplice Sitamber of  Bihar landed in Hyderabad for livelihood and employed with one Nitin Kumar of  Bapubagh  colony, Prenderghast Road, Secunderabad  as  cook  and  house  keeper  respectively a week ago.    The duo has gained confidence and were  moving  in the house freely by watching  the  movements of  their business  man owner like keeping the cash  in an almirah. The duo saw Nitin Kumar keeping a cash bag in the almirah on Sunday and decided to steal the cash bag on the same day.


Incidentally, the owner and his family went out for dinner in a hotel. The accused kept the back door unbolted and switched off the CC Cameras located inside and outside the house. Later, they sneaked into the house from back door and stole the cash of Rs 13,50,000 from the almirah and kept in their rented room. As usual, they were working  in the  house as if nothing has happened. 

            However,        the theft was discovered and the accused were arrested on Monday by the Ramgopalpet police and the stolen cash was seized  from them. (NSS)