‘Serial kisser’ tag was a curse for me: Emraan Hashmi

Mumbai: One of the fantastic actors of Bollywood, Emraan Hashmi has won hearts of millions through his unconventional and bold roles. In a career spanning nearly two decades, Emraan has given the audience many memorable films and apart from impressing audience with with his acting prowess, the actor grabbed a lot of attention, in the initial years of his career, because of his bold scenes in the films.

Emraan Hashmi has turned an year older and fabulous as he is celebrating his 42th birthday today.

Impact of ‘serial kisser’ tag on Emraan Hashmi’s career

It is known thing to all that Emraan was once called ‘serial kisser of Bollywood’ as his movies had a lot of kissing scenes. And the tag was used as a USP for filmmakers.

In a recent interview with Times Of India, Emraan Hashmi opened up how the ‘serial kisser’ had both positive and negative impact on his career. said that while the tag helped, it was also a curse. “I think it was a bit of both. It helped in a way because it’s like you are associated with something; I was getting the kind of bold stories that were unheard of. It was a different track; I had my own journey and roadmap. If there were any negatives to it, I guess it was the constant boxing up, the ‘tag’ was uncalled for,” he said.

The actor further said that he was unaware of the effect the kisses would have. “As an actor, I was bringing the director’s vision to life and doing what was expected of me, no questions asked. I didn’t have the objective viewpoint of how it’s affecting people or the domino effect that it will have.”

Finally got rid of that tag, says actor

Emraan Hashmi has very different films in his kitty at this moment. His film film Mumbai Saga is currently running at the box office. Apart from it, he has Chehre, Ezra and Tiger 3 lined up. As he is getting different characters to play, Emraan says he seems to have finally got rid of the “serial kisser” tag.

“I haven’t done those films for a bit. People don’t address me that way anymore. I have never really thought of how people think of me. It’s as per the film, I have never thought of how people perceive me,” he told IANS.