Septuagenarian beggar donates Rs 8 lakh to temple in Vijayawada

Vijayawada: A 73-year-old beggar, Yadi Reddy, who has been seeking alms at the entrance of temples in Vijayawada, has donated Rs 8 lakh to the Saibaba temple here in the course of last seven years.

He eked out a living as a rickshaw-puller for nearly four decades, and when his knees gave way, he was forced to beg.

“I was a rickshaw-puller for 40 years. At first I gave Rs 1 lakh to the authorities of Saibaba temple. When my health started deteriorating, I did not feel the need for money. So, I decided to contribute more to the temple,” Reddy told ANI.

Reddy said after he started donating to the temple, his income only increased.

“People started recognising me after I donated money to the temple. To my surprise, my income also increased gradually. Till date, I have given Rs 8 lakh. I swore to God that I will give all my earnings to the Almighty,” Reddy added.

Appreciating Reddy’s gesture, the temple authorities said it has really helped in the development of the temple.

“We have been able to build a Goshala with the help of Yadi Reddy. He has donated Rs 8 lakh to the temple. We appreciate his efforts and gesture. We never seek any kind of donation but people from around the city donate of their own accord,” a temple authority said.