Separatists using Kashmiri people as scapegoats, no talks with them: Ram Madhav

New Delhi: BJP General Secretary Ram Madhav on Saturday said the separatists in the Kashmir Valley are using people as “scapegoats” and reiterated the government’s stand of having no talks with them

In a post on his official Facebook page, Madhav, who played a key role in forming the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and People’s Democratic Party (PDP) coalition goverment, mentioned that the Union Government has “categorically” told the Supreme Court that there is no plan to hold any talks with “the separatists and those who are not loyal to India”.

“Supreme Court too took a strong stand against the petitioners’ demand that pellet guns be withdrawn exhorting them to first stop stone pelting and street violence before asking security forces to withdraw pellet guns. Stand of the SC judges including CJI is commendable and I am sure patriotic people in the country including those in the Valley welcome this position of the Court,” he said in his post.

“However it must be kept in mind that forces have very few pellet guns and use them in rare situations only. Even where used, they are deemed less lethal than normal guns and bullets,” he said.

He said forces are trained to maintain maximum restraint and use other methods to control violence.

“Government’s stand is and should be clear. Tackle militants and their sponsors with utmost toughness. Handle misguided youths coming onto the streets with stones in hand with deftness so that violence is firmly put down but care is taken to prevent loss of life,” Madhav said.

“The separatists have only one motto: One dead body a day, so that they can play sentimental politics over the dead bodies.

“They use people of the Valley as scapegoats in their reprehensible politics of violence and separatism. The security forces and the government on the other hand try their best to ensure that the ill-intentions of the separatists don’t succeed. It is a difficult job being executed with commendable sincerity by the government and security forces,” he said.