Separatist forces, Left creating unrest in varsities: Venkaiah Naidu

Vijaywada: Union Minister of Parliamentary Affairs M. Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday alleged that separatist forces and ‘disgruntled’ Left are trying to create unrest in certain universities of the nation and trying to mislead the students.

“Some separatist forces and disgruntled ultra left are trying to create unrest in certain universities of the country and trying to mislead the students. It is shameful. The Congress Party, which had ruled the country for this many years and which is supposed to be an experienced party.extending support to such forces.people are very unhappy and angry with such acts,” Naidu told ANI.

“The Leftists are taking advantage of their presence in certain sections of the media. Institutions are carrying disinformation, because they are intolerant. The Communist Party is the most intolerant party in the world. We have seen what happened in China. India is the most tolerant country and our government is totally committed to democracy,” he added.

Naidu further stated that the Bharatiya Janata Party-led NDA Government is committed to freedom, welfare of the people and development, adding that the Opposition is rattled by the growing popularity of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and that is why trying to divert the attention from development.

“They are obstructing the Parliament, blocking the bills and also carrying on the disinformation campaign. I am surprised some fellows are giving attractive slogans demanding freedom. There is already freedom in the nation. It is the Congress Party supported by the Communist Party which instigated many problems in India. India has a rich cultural nation can grow if they forget its cultural heritage,” he added.

He further alleged that it is the Congress Party, supported by the Communist Party that is responsible for poverty, illiteracy and social tensions in the country.

“They used some sections for vote bank. Now they are disturbed because Modi ji. They are very frustrated for that and that’s why they are now trying to find out new icons. It’s really bankruptcy on the part of the Congress Party to describe a Communist leader with Bhagat Singh,” he added. (ANI)