Separate ‘Shia Waqf Board’ to be constituted soon

Hyderabad: Members of Central Waqf Council (CWC), in a meeting on Friday has assured creation of separate Shia Waqf Board, after identifying the properties and their income, according to The Times of India.

“An inspection was carried out by members at certain places and the errant activities on Waqf properties were taken note of,” said CWC member Munawari Begum.

Later, the delegation held a meeting with State Waqf Board chairman, Mohd Saleem and others, in which they discussed the issue of tenants and sub-tenants.

“Some Waqf properties were inspected where residential and commercial complexes have come up. In the course of inspections, we have taken note of objectionable activities,” she said.

“We also discussed the plan of creating a separate Shia Waqf Board. First, as per law, we will identify the Shia community’s properties and income across the state. The Board will be on par with the Shia Waqf Board in Bihar and UP,” she added.

CWC members received complaints from the Shia community regarding how the Telangana government was neglecting them and that many Ashoorkhanas are being demolished.

“We have received many complaints regarding Ashoorkhans being razed to the ground. This point also was raised in the meeting with the Telangana waqf board chairman who assured us that he’ll look into this matter as well,” Munawari Begum said.