Senseless suicides achieve nothing: Hema Malini

New Delhi: Seems like Hema Malini is a bit annoyed with Pratyusha Banerjee’s sensational suicide and the controversy blanketing the entire episode.

The actress took to her Twitter handle to slam the attitude of taking lives and chose some harsh words to express her feelings.

“All these senseless suicides which achieve nothg! Life is God’s gift for us to live not for us to take at will. We have no right to do that,” she tweeted.

The ‘Dreamgirl’ of Bollywood, in another tweet spoke about fighting such a situation with strength and bravery.

“One must learn to overcome all odds & emerge successful,not succumb under pressure & give up easily.The world admires a fighter not a loser,” read her tweet.

“Just becomes food for the hungry media who chew on news like celebrity suicides until the next sensational news happens.Thn it is forgotten,” she added.

‘Balika Vadhu’ famed Pratyusha Banerjee’s suicide, under mysterious circumstances on April 1 is the recent sensation in the country.

The story is taking twists and turns every now and then and no confirmed reason behind the death is still out. (ANI)