Senior journalist wins bid for Dawood’s property; wants to open Ashfaqullah Khan education centre

Mumbai: Ex-municipal corporator and former journalist Subramani Balakrishnan wins bid for Dawood Ibrahim’s property ‘Hotel Delhi Zaika’ auctioned off at Rs 4.28 crore.

According to news published in, Balakrishnan, who runs an NGO called ‘Desh Seva Samiti’ for slum children for the past 10 years was not interested in his individual property but wanted to to set up an education and learning centre named after freedom fighter Ashfaqullah Khan, who sacrificed his life in the Indian independence movement.

“The centre will be named after great patriot Ashfaqullah Khan “, he said while talking to local reporters.

“Ashfaqullah Khan, not Dawood, should be the role model for kids”, Balakrishnan said.

The Journalist wanted to run the skill centre in central Mumbai and Bhendi Bazaar (where Dawood’s property is located) has many young and poor children of the locality suffering from drug addiction.

“There are lot of children from Bhendi Bazaar area who are into drugs. If I managed to win the bid, through our NGO Desh Seva Samiti, we will run English speaking and computer training institute at the place”.