Senior ISIS militant killed in Syria airstrike

The Pentagon has said that a senior militant of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) who coordinated suicide bombing and recruitments was killed in a US-led coalition airstrike in Syria.

According to News24, Pentagon spokesperson Navy Captain Jeff Davis said in a statement that Tariq bin Tahar al-Awni al-Harzi was killed in the northern city of Shaddadi on June 16.

Harzi’s brother who was an ISIS recruiter and person of interest in the 2012 Benghazi attack was killed in Iraq in an airstrike a day earlier.

Washingtonhad described Harzi as ISIS’ “emir of suicide bombers” and had put a USD three million bounty on the head of Harzi.

The US says that Harzi was a key figure in suicide and car bombings in Iraq as of late 2013. (ANI)