Senior Congress leader accuses TRS Government of phone tapping

Senior Congress leader accuses TRS Government of phone tapping

The TRS government is secretly listening to a telephonic conversation of leaders belonging to the opposition parties particularly the Congress, Alleges Senior Congress Leader and Former minister DK Aruna.

She stated that it violates the Freedom of Expression” which the constitution guarantees, the allegation came after the IT Minister KT Rama Rao accused the Congress for lack of development in the region of Palamuru. He further lashed out at DK Aruna that she is trying to stop the progress of development works that the TRS government started.

She also intimidated the IT Minister KTR should control his tongue and asked KTR to get ready to go to America as the latter has to take political retirement after 2019 elections.

DK Aruna further stated that the TRS government came to power after myriad students martyred themselves for separation of Telangana state from Andra Pradesh in the name of sentiments of Telugu history but now they are sanctioning projects to contractors from Andhra, and they are earning several crores for themselves.
She alleges present TRS government is misusing all the funds without allocating any funds to Palamuru-Rangareddy project and also said TRS party came into power in Telangana by mistake.