Sena slams advocates of greater numbers for Hindus

Coming down heavily on BJP MPs who are urging Hindus to increase their numbers for strengthening the religion, ruling alliance partner Shiv Sena reminded the government that excess population was a factor behind India’s “misery” and said that such views cannot be supported.

Some seers and BJP MPs “advocate four marriages for Hindus and maximum possible children to give a tough fight to Muslims.

“Instead of we making comments on such statements, either senior BJP leaders or the government should make their stand clear on the issue. Strength cannot be enhanced merely by increasing population,” the Sena today said in an editorial in its mouthpiece, ‘Saamana’.

It also said that RSS should prevail upon the government to make family planning laws stricter.

Hitting out at Vishwa Hindu Parishad leader Pravin Togadia over his purported remarks in this connection recently at the Kumbh Mela in Nashik, Sena said that while on the one hand slogans like “small family, happy family” are propagated, statements are made on the other advocating “4-5 children”.

According to Sena, Togadia recently told reporters in Nashik that, “We will start a helpline for those Hindu families who do not have children. We will treat such families and encourage them to have four children.”

Criticising such statements, the editorial said, “We are currently dealing with a population explosion in India. Excess population is one of the causes of our misery. Increasing population also gives rise to unemployment and poverty.

“On one hand, we talk of family planning and chant slogans like ‘Small Family, Happy Family’ and, on the other, we are forcing people to have 4-5 children.”

Even as it stated that not having children was no curse, Sena said that the “happiness of being a parent cannot be described”.

“You do not need four children to experience this happiness. One child would also suffice,” the editorial added.

BJP MP Maharaj had courted controversy earlier this year when he had asked Hindu women to have at least four children.