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Sena invokes AP CM to target Centre over demonetisation

Sena invokes AP CM to target Centre over demonetisation

Mumbai: Shiv Sena today said Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu’s lament about the problems associated with execution of demonetisation was the vindication of the party’s stand on the issue, and slammed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s push for digital economy.

“Chandrababu, who went on vociferously supporting demonetisation, has now announced that the decision is a failure. There is now a dilemma whether this stand of his, though late, should be appreciated or should we wonder how a leader like him became a victim of the fiasco,” Sena said in an editorial in its mouthpiece ‘Saamana’.

Chandrababu, who heads a 13-member Central committee to look into the demonetisation issues, had said the note ban decision was not as per “our wish” and that a “lot of problems” still remain without any solution in sight.

“I am spending two hours daily to ease the problems caused by demonetisation. I am breaking my head daily but we are unable to find a solution to this problem,” he had said.

However, as the comments caused a flutter, he yesterday said his remarks were distorted and that he supports the note ban.

The editorial said Andhra Pradesh has been immensely affected by the demonetisation decision.

“When he was Chief Minister of (undivided) Andhra, Chandrababu connected Hyderabad to all zillas and tehsils through internet and was first to start video conferencing facility to hear out the grievances of people. Much before Modi, he made entire Andhra completely digital,” it said.

Referring to Chandrababu’s electoral defeat in 2004, Sena said, “Chandrababu was sent in political exile which proves that only things like focusing on making a state digital doesn’t solve the question of unemployment”.

Sena said that Naidu staunchly backed Modi after old notes were recalled and even started a slew of schemes and mobile applications to promote cashless transactions.

“But the problems of people, despite all these measures have only been increasing. This is what we have been trying to say from the beginning. Chandrababu, though late, has now answered the people who criticised us (the Sena) for opposing the (demonetisation) decision despite being in government,” it said.

Sena said the “biggest supporter” of demonetisation decision has backtracked because he realised the truth behind the decision.

TDP is the BJP’s ally while Sena is a junior alliance partner in the Central and Maharashtra governments.