Seminar on crime investigation challenges held at Cyberabad CP office

A meeting on the crime investigation challenges was held today at the main Conference hall in the Cyberabad Police Commissionerate. In the meeting, various issues related to advanced analysis using technology, crime investigation challenges were discussed extensively.

Cyberabad Police Commissioner Sandeep Shandilya addressed the police officers and exhorted them to aware of crime investigating challenges. As part of the modern policing, it was quite important for police to have sound knowledge and awareness on crime investigation challenges, various laws and technology. With the advent of changing technology everyday there was a need for police officers to update their knowledge and enhance skills.

Cyberabad Joint Commissioner Shahnawaz Qasim said the seminar will help the police officers to speed up investigation. Police should polish their skills and update with latest technical knowledge.

Cyberabad DCP Crimes Janaki Sharmila said in the recent past, cyber crimes were increasing rapidly. With this phenomenon, the number of cases were more in cyber crimes. To protect public, to safeguard passengers who travel in cabs, to investigate cases, to build confidence and boost the police, this type of seminars were much helpful, she added.

Abhishek, Uber company LERT (Law Enforcement Response Team) Out reach Member given his valuable suggestions to the Cyberabad Police. He said the data analysis, cyber security, cyber crimes related things to the police. He explained various case studies on the above mentioned things. How to protect computers from hackers and viruses like ransom ware, Face book Account Hacking, Bit Coin, Data Encryption (Bit Coin), Dark Web, Tor (onion) Browser etc. He explained about crypto currency (bit coins) in detail.

How hackers take the advantage of bit coins. How they hack websites and accounts for bit coins. Some hackers demand the victim to buy bit coins from their preferred bit coin agency only he added.

He explained about the LERT (Law Enforcement Response Team) portal on the Uber Web site. This portal is exclusively for police and law enforcement agencies only. He said further.. when once the site is opened it has two options . It consists of two options.

Option one for general complaints and the second for emergency complaints. This is useful for quick response and tracked.

The participants in the programme were Cyberabad Cp Sandeep Shandilya, Joint Commissioner Shahnawaz Qasim, Madapur DCP Vishwa Prasad, DCP Crimes Janaki Sharmila, Shamsabad DCP PV Padmaja, Balanagar DCP Sai Shekhar, DCP Admin Anasuya, ADCP Gangi Reddy, ADCP Crimes Dayananda Reddy, SB ACP Ravinder Reddy, Miyapur ACP Ravikumar, Rajendranagar ACP Ashok, other ACPs, CIs, CCS, SOT, DI, DSI, Crime staff, Uber LERT (Law Enforcement Response Team), Uber LERT out reach member Abhishek, and member Meghna and others police officers were present in the seminar. (NSS)