SelGo not sure how to address questions about Woody Allen’s allegations

SelGo not sure how to address questions about Woody Allen’s allegations

Washington: Pop sensation Selena Gomez just wrapped filming ‘A Rainy Day in New York’ which is made by one of the most controversial directors in Hollywood, Woody Allen.

The controversy surrounding Allen’s personal life has continually led to public criticism for those actors and actresses who work on his films, with Gomez the latest to be quizzed on whether she considered the downsides before signing on to Rainy Day in New York.

The ‘Wolves’ singer was asked about the allegations against her director in a new interview with Billboard, and she is not quite sure how to respond.

She said, “To be honest, I’m not sure how to answer – not because I’m trying to back away from it. (The Weinstein allegations) actually happened right after I had started (on the movie). They popped up in the midst of it. And that’s something, yes, I had to face and discuss. I stepped back and thought, ‘Wow, the universe works in interesting ways.'”

It should be noted that Allen was accused in 1992 of sexually abusing his adopted daughter, Dylan Farrow, when she was a child. The filmmaker, who blamed ex Mia Farrow for spreading false claims, repeatedly denied the allegations.

Gomez then offered her full support for the #MeToo movement, describing the emotions that she’s felt hearing the stories of so many of the brave women coming forward.

“I feel all those things. I’ve cried. But I definitely feel hopeful. As people speak out, I hope that feels powerful to them, because they deserve to feel that. I’m fortunate enough not to have experienced some of the traumatic things that other women have had to go through,” noted Gomez.

Adding, “I’ve known people in my family who’ve gone through those things. I try to let people come to me and open up, to make a safe environment for them to do so.” (ANI)