Selfie with rape victim “shameful and pathetic”: Congress

New Delhi : The Congress on Monday castigated the selfie clicked by a member of the Rajasthan State Commission for Women with a rape victim and dubbed it to be “shameful and pathetic”.

Demanding the resignation of the wilful defaulters, Congress spokesperson Shobha Oza told ANI it is shameful the saviours of women rights are violating laws.

“It is so shameful that the chairperson and the member of the Rajasthan Women Commission are taking selfie with a rape victim, who was tattooed and gang-raped by her husband and his brothers,” said Ojha.

“It is really pathetic that the chairperson and members have no knowledge of the rape laws because rape laws prohibit publicising the identity of a rape victim and here we have a chairperson and members violating laws, which is very shameful. Such people do not deserve to be in the Women Commission because if they do not know the laws how will they fight for women,” she added.

A selfie clicked by the member of Rajasthan State Commission for Women with a rape victim courted controversy prompting the chairperson of the commission to seek a written explanation.

The selfie was clicked by Somya Gurjar, when she, along with the chairperson…, had gone to meet the rape victim in the Mahila Police Station. (ANI)