Self-styled godman arrested for rape

New Delhi: A 40-year-old self-styled godman was arrested here along with two of his female accomplices on Sunday after a woman accused him of raping her, police said.

The three — Hari Narayan, 40, Chinmaiy Meghna, 25, and Sakshi, 38 — were taken into custody two days after the victim approached the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW).

Following DCW’s intervention, a First Information Report (FIR) was lodged and a case was registered.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Monika Bhardwaj said the 24-year-old victim alleged that she was raped inside a yoga ashram in Janakpuri in west Delhi by Narayan, whom she dubbed a “fraud baba”, and molested by his female accomplices on July 10.

Earlier, the DCW issued a statement saying the victim was taken to the ashram by Meghna, her colleague.

“The (colleague) narrated how she was miraculously cured by the Baba. Once she managed to gain the victim’s confidence, she started coercing her to visit the ashram for a spiritual healing experience.

“One day, when she visited the ashram, she was raped by the guru.”