Self-delusion a dangerous thing: Russia ridicules fresh US sanctions

Moscow: A day after the United States issued fresh sanctions against Russia due to its alleged role in supplying oil to the Assad regime in Syria, Russia released a statement ridiculing the sanctions, mentioning that such moves were only reflective of the political discord in the USA.

“Their recent expansion was the eleventh during the last three and a half months, while the practice itself is increasingly becoming a matter of routine. But the main reasons for the sanctions lie in America’s domestic political discord, where each of the parties involved seeks to score points by any means, including on the international arena,” a statement released by Russiaa Ministry of Foreign Affairs said.

“The result is awkward,” the statement went on to ridicule.

The nation further went on to question US’ intentions and said, “Their attempts to charge Russia with complicity in supplying oil to Syria, whose armed forces have fought against terrorist aggression for more than seven years, look like a statement in support of the terrorists and at the same time suggest a wish to hamper the restoration of that devastated country where many residents are without light and heat. Does the US really want this?”
“Moreover, in trying to pressurise Russia, Washington repeatedly demonstrates its inability to force our country to change its independent international line,” Russia highlighted in the scathing attack against the USA.

The statement concluded with a cautionary note to the US. “US politicians should abandon the illusion of America’s “omnipotence,” of which they have convinced themselves. Self-delusion is a dangerous thing,” the statement mentioned, highlighting the worsening relations between the nations in recent times.

On November 20, Secretary of State Michael Pompeo had announced that the US had imposed sanctions on an Iran-Russia-Syria network which sold oil to Syria’s Assad regime and generated funds for terrorist outfits like Hizballah and Hamas.

This was the US’ latest sanctions against Russia in a string of sanctions that have already been imposed this year, including additional sanctions pertaining to Russia’s annexation of Crimea.