Selena Gomez opens up about struggles with mental health, fame

Washington: While opening up about her struggles with mental health, pop singer Selena Gomez said she ‘had to lose a lot of people’ to get to good place in her life.

In August 2016, the ‘ It Ain’t Me’ singer announced she was taking time off to address lupus-triggered anxiety and depression.

In a recent interview with Business of Fashion, Gomez, the most popular person on Instagram, revealed, she reached out to a number of people that she looked up to for guidance when she hit that breaking point.

“I asked teachers, coaches, managers, people that I respected [because of] the way they’ve lived their life. I asked them, ‘How did you get to this place? What were you like when you were 25? What were the things that you were thinking about?’ And from there, being with like-minded people. You are who you surround yourself with – 100 percent,” she said, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

“If you’re around people who think that stuff is dumb, that think it’s ridiculous – ‘You’re crazy! You’re fine!’ – but you don’t feel that way, then maybe it’s time to reevaluate that,” she continued.

“It’s a lonely journey to really figure out where all this stuff is coming from. And to detach from it. It becomes an addiction, it becomes a habit, retraining your mind to not go to these negative places when you say something wrong, do something wrong, when you wear a certain thing or represent a certain culture. But it is lonely, I had to lose a lot of people in my life to get there.”

Even now, with 126 million Instagram followers, the 25-year-old explained that she still often feels isolated in her fame.

“You have to figure out the people that are in your circle,” she told the Business of Fashion. “I feel like I know everybody but have no friends. I have like three good friends that I can tell everything to, but I know everyone. I go anywhere and I’m like, ‘Hey guys, how’s it going?’ And it feels great to be connected to people, but having boundaries is so important. You have to have those few people that respect you, want the best for you and you want the best for them. It sounds cheesy, but it’s hard.” (ANI)