Selena Gomez goes private on Instagram, fans are wondering why

New Delhi: Looks like Selena Gomez needed some well needed break from the gram.

The musician, who is the most-followed celebrity on Instagram, set her account on private on Tuesday morning.

The star has yet to officially comment on the decision, but based on a screenshot from one of Gomez’s Instagram stories, it may have to do with her recent Billboard cover story.

The ‘Wolves’ hit-maker took a screenshot of the story and over it, she wrote, “Never will I let another human guess my words ever again. Or invite them in my home. That is so hurtful. The most ‘ridiculous’ part of that is no one knowing my heart when I say things.”

The particular portion of the article she shared was about a giant teddy bear she keeps in her home.

The move comes just one week after the ‘Bad Liar’ hit-maker was named as the most followed person on Instagram for the second year running, with more than 130 million accounts showing an interest in what the blonde beauty has to say.

It was also recently announced that Selena holds five of the 10 most-liked photos on the site for 2017, including her announcement that she had undergone a kidney transplant, and a snap of her with her now ex-boyfriend The Weeknd.

Fans have been wondering why the pop-sensation made her account private and took to Twitter to express their displeasure about the move.

A user wrote, “Please don’t make this account of yours private..I’m worried about you hun..please be strong..don’t mind the haters and bashers because we are here to support you..we love you”

“AH!!!! Maybe she was pissed about this and went private!! And she posted the second one on her Ig story a few hours ago too!!( This is just my opinion ) #selenagomez #selenator #gomez #billboard #private #instagram #story,” wrote another user.

The images she uploaded would still be accessible to the 130 million people who follow the star, but any new fan will have to wait until she either accepts their follow requests, or makes her account visible to all once again. (ANI)