Seen So Many Transitions In This Film Industry: Mahesh Bhatt

Mumbai: Veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt, who has been in the Hindi film industry for more than four decades, says he has seen a number of transitions in the industry including the time when filmmaker Vikram Bhatt marked his debut and then made a name for himself.

Besides Vikram, who is Mahesh’s family friend, Vikram’s daughter Krishna too has boarded the filmmaking bandwagon with her upcoming web-series Untouchables.

“I think I have seen so many transitions of this industry and Vikram came and joined me and then Vikram became a force to reckon with. He has made his foray into the world wide web and Krishna is one of that streak,” said Mahesh in a statement.

“As you get older you have faith in the younger people and I personally feel that the younger generation has the urgency and idiom of today to communicate with the world in their language but what they need is the draw from the emotional depth of the journeys that we have taken. My journey, her father’s journey and that’s how her graph will be fuelled by a deeper understanding and I think she already has that in her,” he added.

While Mahesh debuted in the film world with his direction of the film Manzilein Aur Bhi Hain in 1974, Vikram entered the film industry in 1992 with Jaanam.