Sedentary life responsible for piles in youth

Sedentary life responsible for piles in youth

New Delhi: Every year, almost 10 million people in India suffer from the pain of piles, a disease that is spreading fast due to stress, insomnia, constipation, and a growing inclination for fast food in the sedentary lifestyle of urbanites.

Various studies suggest that every second individual in the world comes across piles at some point between 45 to 65 years of, and a large number of women experience piles (hemorrhoids) during pregnancy. The most alarming concern, however, is that teens and youths in their early twenties are also experiencing piles these days, and there is an urgent need to inculcate good food habits to combat the problem timely.

Dr. Rohit Parashar, Spokesperson of Vaidrishi Laboratories says, “It is a proven fact that piles (hemorrhoids) are more prevalent in cities than in small towns or rural areas just because of faulty food habits, i.e., high intake of junk food, spices, aerated drinks, and low intake of fiber-rich diet. Being habitual to fast and junk food consumption, youth starts experiencing this problem right from school or college days, and it worsens further when they enter the stressful professional life of metros. Non-fibrous food ruptures veins in the rectum and anus, and cause inflammation of these areas. When swelling and inflammation continue for a long time, it gives birth to piles. Hence high-fiber diet with plenty of salads, seasonal vegetables, and fresh fruits should come on the top in one’s meal on a daily basis. Spices, non-vegetarian food, and aerated beverages, on the other hand, should be removed from the kitchen and dining area to keep the piles at bay.”

Dr. Parashar further added, “Oats, beans, sesame seeds, radish, turnips, onions, dried figs, amla, and papaya are some of those fiber-rich edibles that do wonder to prevent and cure piles, and they should be available in the kitchen every day, but if the pile is growing despite all precautions, then medication is must, and one should be aware of the fact that except Ayurveda no pathy provides complete relief from piles (haemorrhoids). Ayurveda ensures a permanent relief from this painful disease which no surgery can guarantee. Herbs like haritaki, amla, jimikand, azadirachta indica, piper nigrum linn, plumbago zeylanica, mesua ferrea and zngiber officinale improve the digestive system and help to fight with constipation, which is the major cause of piles. Moreover, there are proven Ayurvedic medicines which cure the disease at its roots, and Arshkalp is considered as Elixir among them.”

Piles is a cent percent curable disease and its best treatment comes under Ayurveda; the ancient science of health and treatment is free from all types of side-effects that no other pathy can claim. Besides, Ayurveda not only cures a disease through medicine, but it offers a healthy life-style which increases the immunity of the human body and prevents from thousands of diseases. The right selection of food, abstinence from spices and meat, the inclusion of Yoga in daily schedule are those great remedies in Ayurveda that give freedom from piles forever.