Watch: A security guard becomes famous for his beautiful singing

Ahmedabad: After the famous ‘chai wala‘ Arshad Khan became a celebrity in Pakistan due to his good looks and innocence and ended up having a modelling contract. It is a Gujrati’s turn to become popular through social media due of his winsome singing.

A security guard Ratan Gadhvi was approached by RJ Devaki when Ratan sang a Gujarati song which went viral on youtube, reported DC.

The 20-year-old was invited by RJ Devaki to her show in Ahmedabad. He effortlessly sang many songs from Sufi to Hindi genre, although he does not have any formal training in music or singing. Devaki also connected him to music directors Sachin-Jigar, who are looking forward to working with Ratan.

Social media is becoming a practical and realistic medium to showcase one’s talent these days.

To watch the video, click below